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Hope’s Melody
Jeanna Kunce, 144pgs, softcover
Ages 5–8

Eight-year-old Abigail is conflicted about whether to continue public school or go to music school. While she loves singing, playing ukulele, and writing songs, she isn’t sure she is ready to make such a big change. If she chooses music school, will she make new friends? Will she . . . (read more)

My Perfect Friend?
Craig Kunce, 64pgs, softcover
Ages 3–8

A light-hearted, humorous, coming-of-age story about six-year-old Sadie who is trying to find her "perfect" friend. Sadie has an idea in her head that her new best friend has to be perfect and live up to her long list of suitable traits. Very, Very Afraid” is a pastel painted, funny and . . . (read more)

Very, Very, Afraid!
Craig Kunce, 64pgs, softcover
Ages 3–8

Sadie's bedtime is full of unwanted visitors—scary monsters! They sneak around at night and hide in dark places. Tonight, Sadie is tired of being afraid. She sets out to find these monsters and confront them. Sadie is surprised when she learns the real reason these monsters are . . . (read more)

Darien and the Lost Paints of Telinoria
Jeanna Kunce, 192pgs, hardcover
Ages 8–12

Darien is a creative ten-year-old girl who, like many of us, wishes to escape her dull and predictable life. She loves to read, draw, and daydream, despite her parents’ efforts to teach her to be practical. But when a stormy day brings Darien together with her peculiar neighbor, strange . . . (read more)

Darien and the Seed of Obreget
Jeanna Kunce, 192pgs, softcover
Ages 8–12

In the western lands of Telinoria, there lives a tree with magical healing properties. It has stood atop Videre Hill for centuries, curing and helping those in its presence. But now a battle has begun and its very existence is in jeopardy. Darien, safely returned home, increasingly . . . (read more)

Edrick the Inventor:
Saturday is Cleaning Day

Craig Kunce, 24pgs, hardcover
Ages 3–8

Meet Edrick, a boy with an oversized imagination! In his first book, Saturday is Cleaning Day, Edrick can't imagine spending all of Saturday morning cleaning his messy room. So he decides to take matter into his own hands and build . . . (read more)

Edrick the Inventor:
Spring is for Gardening

Craig Kunce, 24pgs, hardcover
Ages 3–8

In his second book, Edrick and his sister Rae don't know how they can plant their garden in early spring so their seeds will grow all summer long and turn into big, delicious fruits and vegetables. So they decide to build a seed planting . . . (read more)

Over the Under, and around the Square
Craig Kunce, 24pgs, hardcover
Ages 3–8

A modern day tale of devoted friendship and the things each of us has to endure to make a valued friendship last. Spring has sprung in vibrant and colorful Under Valley. The valley is alive with wonderful creatures and tales to tell. As our story unfolds, we find an unusual pair. One is a silky . . . (read more)

Trouble Finds Me
Craig Kunce, 24pgs, hardcover
Ages 3–8

An inspiring and compassionate story about two would-be friends. Friendship finds us when we least expect it. That’s what our large orange friend discovers when it crosses paths one afternoon with a persistent, blue pest. It tries and tries, but it just can’t get rid of the little blue . . . (read more)

2166: Completing Her Wake
Craig Kunce
Sci-fi mystery novel. Ages 14+

(Coming Soon) Not everyone gets a second chance at life. A chance for redemption. A chance to right our wrongs. Fix poor choices. To choose a different path. Susan does. She's given the rarest of gifts. The chance to find happiness, again. Susan was a content thirty-five-year-old . . .


“suspenseful start to a fantasy series. A strong debut with a confident female protagonist.”
School Library Journal (reviewing Darien and the Lost Paints of Telinoria)


“Affably illustrated and engagingly written . . . a wonderfully entertaining and original tale.”
Midwest Book Review (reviewing My Perfect Friend?)


“Craig Kunce’s delicately etched b&w illustrations help add to the magic of a fantasy starring a heroine empowered to do the right thing.”
Publishers Weekly (reviewing Darien and the Lost Paints of Telinoria)


“The success of this series lies in the characterization of the 11-year-old protagonist.”
School Library Journal (reviewing Darien and the Seed of Obreget)


“funny . . . will warm the hearts of all children.”
Midwest Book Review (reviewing Very, Very, Afraid!)